Carol Moseley Braun, 68, recollects her triumphant run to being elected the first female African American United States Senator. This video chronicles Moseley Braun’s rise and provides an update on what she has done since leaving the Senate. While working on this project I was surprised to learn that many millennials had no idea who Moseley Braun is, and were unaware of her historical importance being elected to the Senate. Here you will play witness to historical footage from Moseley Braun’s Senate win, including portions of her victory speech and her interactions with voters on the streets of Chicago during and after her campaign. Footage shows the former Senator during her time in office, including when she stood before Congress to fight against the continued use of the Confederate flag. The video also has footage of Moseley Braun’s subsequent political endeavors — running for president and mayor of Chicago. Moseley Braun shares her thoughts on these episodes in her career and opens up about her life in an interview conducted on the Southside of Chicago.
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